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From May 1, 2022, until Aug. 1, 2022, Haunted Pamlico will accept entries in the Fright Photo Contest and the Haunt Season Writing Competition. These programs are built into our Carnival of Darkness festival, which runs in September at Raised in a Barn Farm and the Turnage Theater. Here are the details:
   •    Haunt Season Writing Competition: Send us poems and/or stories with haunting themes. Email your short story of 2,000 words or your poem of any length to hauntedpamlico1@gmail.com. Winners will receive certificates presented by Haunted Pamlico in collaboration with the Pamlico Writers Group. We’ll honor winners and finalists during Carnival of Darkness. To ensure objectivity, entries will be forwarded to judges without the authors’ names attached.
   •    Fright Photo Contest: Send your creepiest photos of props, models or scenery to hauntedpamlico1@gmail.com. We’ll honor the winners and finalists with certificates, and will recognize them publicly during Carnival of Darkness. We’ll feature top entries on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Entries will be judged by a panel assembled by Washington, N.C.-area photographer Jack Willard. All entries will be forwarded to the judges without information identifying the photographers.

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Haunted Pamlico and Alternative Stage proudly announce a fundraiser for J.B. Beverley's short horror film, "The Killer Among Us."

To learn about donation tiers, visit the film's website, thekilleramongus.com. You can help make J.B.'s vision and ours a reality.

We're co-producing this project with Romero Pictures and Rebel Roots Productions.

We hope the film will showcase eastern North Carolina, and we're working on location scouting in the Washington, N.C., area this week.

Thanks to writer-director J.B. Beverley for trusting us to co-produce this great project. We'll have a lot more news soon.

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