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Here are the winners, finalists, and official selections of the fourth-annual Carnival of Darkness: The Haunted Pamlico Film Festival:


   •    “A World Free of Crisis,” finalist.
   •    “We Live in a Broken Simulation,” winner.


Slasher Award:
   •    “Demon,” finalist.
   •    “Breathe Now,” winner.


Outstanding Horror Actor:
   •    “The House,” finalist. Actor: Kwasi Thomas.
   •    “Critic,” winner. Actor: Marissa Caraballo.


Seething Suspense:
   •    “Murder Room, Inc.,” finalist.
   •    “Two Sisters,” winner.


N.C. Horror:
   •    “Fever Dreams,” finalist.
   •    “Killing Time,” winner.


Top Effects:
   •    “For a Razor in the Throat,” finalist.
   •    “The Devil in Bitter Woods,” winner.


Bloodiest Good Short:
   •    “The Cookie Crumbles,” finalist.
   •    “Sally’s Lullaby,” winner.


Director Award:
   •    “Angler,” finalist.
   •    “Familiar,” winner.


Monument Award:
   •    “Familiar,” finalist.
   •    “Sabbath,” winner.


Frightful Feature-Length:
   •    “A Town Full of Ghosts,” finalist.
   •    “Dark Fears,” winner.


Haunt Season Writing Competition:
   •    “Teddy,” by David Lewis, prose winner.
   •    “Dark Water,” by Jeremy Berry, prose finalist.
   •    “Falling Apart,” by Sandy Buck, poetry winner.


Fright Photo Contest:
   •    Stephanie Goetz, winner.
   •    Sonja McGiboney, finalist.

Official Selections:

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The Killer Among Us poster 1 - cap logo

Haunted Pamlico and Alternative Stage proudly announce a fundraiser for J.B. Beverley's short horror film, "The Killer Among Us."

To learn about donation tiers, visit the film's website, You can help make J.B.'s vision and ours a reality.

We're co-producing this project with Romero Pictures and Rebel Roots Productions.

We hope the film will showcase eastern North Carolina, and we're working on location scouting in the Washington, N.C., area this week.

Thanks to writer-director J.B. Beverley for trusting us to co-produce this great project. We'll have a lot more news soon.

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Buy or rent our newest film "Black Hollow Run"

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