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Haunted Pamlico

Haunted Pamlico is a grassroots performance troupe dedicated to keeping the Halloween spirit alive year round. Based in Eastern North Carolina, we curate regional legends, conduct horror-photo shoots, produce independent horror films, and host Halloween-centered events in partnership with our friends at Nights of Fright and Monsters on Main, two of the biggest-drawing haunted attractions on the Inner Banks. Our roots are in a decades-long tradition of community theater in Washington, N.C. We started with Monsters on Main, a free-to-the-public, family friendly event that began in 2005 with our founders handing out candy in costume. Since 2006, the first official year of Monsters on Main, we have banded together with local actors, artists and technicians to produce monster theater in Washington and surrounding communities, entertaining thousands of fans along the way. We have completed dozens of short films and promotional videos, and our work has been featured at film festivals from Canada to Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

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