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2022 List of Events

• Actors Kaleab Kurtz, Amber Dawn Fox, Keith Dooley, Angel Bradford, and Ronald Blake live at the Turnage Theater. 

• Filmmaking pros Todd Bagley, Justin Oakley, Patrick Greene, Keith Carter, T.J. Harper, Celestine Davis, William Howard, and Beverly Horvath, at the Turnage and/or Raised in a Barn Farm. 
• Virtual guests: director Ansel Faraj and actor David Schifter, livestreamed into the theater.
• Author Micah Harris at the farm.
• Bands, including Honey Jacks, booked at the farm by Jack Willard.
• Erlik the Gorelord.
• Fire spinners.
• Scentsy booth, by Beth Moulton.
• Bracelets by Marj Harrington, plus other vendors to be announced.
• Artisan booth, Jean Sokolofski and Wayne Heiser.
• Photographer Penny Taylor Carawan.
• Photography booth with prints available for order, Sandy Buck.
• Concessions by Nights of Fright.
• Haunted Pamlico merchandise, some of it made to order on the day. 
• Photo opportunities with a hearse and festival banners.
• Charity booth for Ruth’s House, including a silent auction, onstage presentation.
• Special 3-D screening of “Nosferatu,” with 3-D glasses while they last, at the farm. Glasses included in the ticket price.
• Premiere of the Haunted Pamlico short films "Din Vs. Evol" and “Morgana’s Still Home” early during screenings at the Turnage.
• More film-industry guests, to be announced.
• Awards ceremonies for the film competition, the Fright Photo Contest, and the Haunt Season Writing Competition.
• Ticket giveaway for Nights of Fright.
• “Horror Show II,” presented by the Haunted Pamlico family.

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