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2023 List of Events

One of the most unique festivals in North Carolina offers you thrilling entertainment from across the globe. 


The fifth-annual Carnival of Darkness will host actors, directors, singers, dancers, craft vendors, fire spinners, a music festival, a folklore festival, the Filmmakers Forum, modified vehicles, a Paranormal Experience Tour, a Paranormal Panel sponsored by McCabe's Costumes, a classic horror panel focusing on movie monsters, the "Horror Show III" variety show with members of the Haunted Pamlico family, and much more. 


Scheduled guests include actor Ron Fazio, director Keith Carter, filmmaker Todd Bagley, classic-horror expert Micah Harris, producer Al Julian, members of the Haunted Pamlico and Nights of Fright troupes, and more. 


In addition, you'll have a chance to see sci-fi, horror, and suspense films from around the world. 


The haunt season begins at Carnival of Darkness.

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