Carnival of Darkness

The Haunted Pamlico Film Fest

Welcome to the official information page for the third-annual Carnival of Darkness: The Haunted Pamlico Film Festival. We are honored to bring you this celebration of independent sci-fi and horror films from all over the world. We received 241 submissions during our first two years, and we hope to expand our number of entries, winners and featured selections in 2021. We honor everything from short films made on little to no budget to feature-length films with budgets of $30,000 or more. 


If you're interested in submitting a film to this festival, please visit our page on You may also look for festival updates on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms. Our submission period opens May 1 and ends Aug. 1. We charge a small submission fee to cover our costs, and some rules apply. If you're a filmmaker, this is your chance to win top honors, and/or have your film become a featured selection in this haunting event. If you have further questions, email


Carnival of Darkness runs in cooperation with Nights of Fright, the haunted attraction which draws thousands of patrons per year to Raised in a Barn Farm in Chocowinity, N.C. It's possible many of these scare-seekers might see your work during their visit. Events scheduled in conjunction with this year's festival include live music, flame spinners, an exhibit of outsider art, a Halloween costume contest, a horror show by members of the Haunted Pamlico family, and much more. Plus, Carnival of Darkness is known to draw professional actors, writers and filmmakers, which makes it a great learning and networking opportunity. Look for more announcements on our social-media pages.


Haunted Pamlico is part of Alternative Stage, a developing nonprofit based in Washington, N.C. Our members have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity during the past few years. Alternative Stage has produced plays, variety shows and other public events to entertain hundreds of theatergoers in eastern North Carolina. Haunted Pamlico's films have enjoyed viral success, and have been screened at festivals from Canada to North Carolina. 


Come, haunt with us, and join one of the fastest-growing film festivals in North Carolina. 

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Winners and Finalists in Carnival of Darkness 


Congratulations to the winners and finalists in the film, photo and writing competitions associated with Carnival of Darkness 2021. Thanks to everyone who entered. We hope you will enter again next year. 


Haunt Season Writing Competition: 

1st Place, Prose: Amanda Monath, “Home”

2nd Place, Prose: Jon Sadler, “Crying Winds”

1st Place, Poetry: Sandy Buck, “Haunted” 


Fright Photo Contest:

1st Place: Dylan Potter

2nd Place: Chelsey Manning

3rd Place: Sandy Buck

Film Competition: 

• “For Sale,” directed by Francesco Gabriele: Winner, Best Kill and Monument Award

• “Bloodshed,” directed by Paolo Mancini and Daniel Watchorn: Finalist, Monument Award 

• “Stay Calm,” directed by Sam Quinn and Connor McLean: Winner, Best Effects; Finalist, Best Kill

• “ReSet,” directed by David Sumner: Winner, Most Murderous Feature-Length 

• “Out of the Corner of the Eye,” directed by Sérgio Gomes: Finalist, Most Murderous Feature-Length 

• “WreckVlogs,” directed by Jackson Cooperman: Finalist, Best Effects

• “Mama’s Boy,” directed by Justin Oakley: Winner, N.C. Horror

• “ … And Then the Darkness,” directed by Andrew Huggins: Finalist, N.C. Horror

• “A.D.A.M.,” directed by Pablo Roldan: Winner, Sci-Fi

• “Transfert,” directed by Jonathan Degrelle: Finalist, Sci-Fi

• “Wich,” directed by Anthony Williams: Winner, Bloodiest Good Short

• “Things that go Bump,” directed by Martin Vrede Nielsen: Finalist, Bloodiest Good Short

• Gwendolyn Jackson, actor, “Sunrise”: Winner, Outstanding Horror Actor

• Julia Silva, actor, “Lucia”: Finalist, Outstanding Horror Actor

• Alejanrda Araya and Giordano Rossi, actors, “A.D.A.M.”: Winners, tied for Outstanding Sci-fi Actor.

• “Dark Dreams,” directed by Jeremie Sery: Winner, Director Award.

• “Ghost Magnetic,” directed by Rafael Van Hayden: Finalist, Director Award. 

Honorable Mention:

    1. “Sage,” directed by Stefan Stoev

    2. “Sunrise,” directed by Michael Pearce

    3. “Blessing,” directed by Herman Choque Rodriguez 

    4. “The Statue,” directed by Mohsen Salehi Fard

    5. “A Conversation with E,” directed by Esabella Strickland and others

    6. “Chatterbox,” directed by Chad Hunt

    7. “Mama With a Vengeance,” directed by Robert Underhill

    8. “Psycurious,” directed by Justin Blake Webber