Carnival of Darkness

The Haunted Pamlico Film Fest
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Welcome to the official information page for the fourth-annual Carnival of Darkness: The Haunted Pamlico Film Festival. We are honored to bring you this international celebration of independent sci-fi, horror, and suspense films. We’re grateful for the hundreds of entries we have received from filmmakers the world over. We’re also grateful for the actors, vendors, producers, directors, musicians, and other artists who have signed on to our festival. We honor independent films – everything from short films with little to no budget to feature-lengths films with budgets of six figures or more. If you’re interested in entering, please visit our Carnival of Darkness page at You may also find additional information on Haunted Pamlico’s TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Our film-submission period begins May 1, 2022, and ends Aug. 1, 2022. We charge a small entry fee to cover costs, and some rules apply. If you have questions, feel free to email us at
This year our festival begins with opening ceremonies from 5-10 p.m. Sept. 23 at Raised in a Barn Farm, home of the Nights of Fright haunted attraction, 2100 N.C. Highway 33, Chocowinity. On the first night we’ll host bands, vendors, authors, fire spinners, “Horror Show II,” featuring members of the Haunted Pamlico performance troupe, and a great deal more. The carnival moves to the Turnage Theater, 150 W. Main St., Washington, N.C., for screenings from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Sept. 24. While at the Turnage, you’ll be able to meet film-industry professionals, sit in on question-and-answer panels, attend our awards ceremonies, and watch the winners, finalists, and official selections in our lineup. Tickets cost $5 each, payable at the gate, for our events at the farm. Alternatively, a $10 ticket via FilmFreeway functions as an all-access pass to our events at the farm and the Turnage. Tickets go on sale July 1 through the Carnival of Darkness page on FilmFreeway.
Carnival of Darkness runs in cooperation with Nights of Fright, a haunted attraction which draws thousands of people to Beaufort County each October. Our festival’s sponsors include Raised in a Barn Farm; Joy Tyson; Lou Valenti; Ken and Marj Harrington; South Creek Media; Jane Lassiter Boahn; Will and Mandie Boahn; Paula Stephenson; and Will and Shannon Reising.
Haunted Pamlico is part of Alternative Stage, a pending nonprofit based in Washington, N.C. Our members have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity during the past few years. Alternative Stage has produced plays, variety shows, and other public events to entertain thousands of theatergoers in eastern North Carolina. Haunted Pamlico’s films have enjoyed viral success, and have been featured at film festivals from Canada to many locations in North Carolina.
Join us for one of the fastest-growing film (and Halloween) festivals in our state. Come, haunt the Pamlico, and places beyond.    

Here are the winners, finalists, and official selections of the fourth-annual Carnival of Darkness: The Haunted Pamlico Film Festival:


   •    “A World Free of Crisis,” finalist.
   •    “We Live in a Broken Simulation,” winner.


Slasher Award:
   •    “Demon,” finalist.
   •    “Breathe Now,” winner.


Outstanding Horror Actor:
   •    “The House,” finalist. Actor: Kwasi Thomas.
   •    “Critic,” winner. Actor: Marissa Caraballo.


Seething Suspense:
   •    “Murder Room, Inc.,” finalist.
   •    “Two Sisters,” winner.


N.C. Horror:
   •    “Fever Dreams,” finalist.
   •    “Killing Time,” winner.


Top Effects:
   •    “For a Razor in the Throat,” finalist.
   •    “The Devil in Bitter Woods,” winner.


Bloodiest Good Short:
   •    “The Cookie Crumbles,” finalist.
   •    “Sally’s Lullaby,” winner.


Director Award:
   •    “Angler,” finalist.
   •    “Familiar,” winner.


Monument Award:
   •    “Familiar,” finalist.
   •    “Sabbath,” winner.


Frightful Feature-Length:
   •    “A Town Full of Ghosts,” finalist.
   •    “Dark Fears,” winner.


Haunt Season Writing Competition:
   •    “Teddy,” by David Lewis, prose winner.
   •    “Dark Water,” by Jeremy Berry, prose finalist.
   •    “Falling Apart,” by Sandy Buck, poetry winner.


Fright Photo Contest:
   •    Stephanie Goetz, winner.
   •    Sonja McGiboney, finalist.

Official Selections:

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